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Senses: Touch and Hearing Reflection


The World’s Largest Natural Sound Archive: This article is about the massive collection of wildlife sounds that is now accessible to the general public. 

The Cocktail Party Effect: Our ability to tune out distractions and listen to only what we want to. The cocktail party effect is a study done on this to test how good we really are at it.

Make the City Sound Better: Earphones that turn the sounds around you into music!? Heck YES!

Beethoven’s Deafness Influenced His Music (Study): Beethoven, as he was losing his hearing, began using lower notes that he could feel/hear more easily. 

Does Sound Influence Taste: The crispier a food sounds, the more we like it. Food is more pleasurable depending on the sounds around us and the sound of the food.

Opsound Sound Pool: Opsound is a collection of artists music and work that can be remixed, downloaded and more without copyright issues or other legal issues.


Kissing Device Sends Long-Distance Smooch: New technology where your kiss can be reproduced by a artificial mouth! Long distance relationships might work out after all.

Effects of Non-Sexual Touch: Non-Sexual touch can increase the compliance of the other person. They are more likely to return favors or items.

Dating With Science – Touch: Touch a girls arm and she will basically fall in love with you.

Touch Illusions: This article tells some cool illusions that touch can generate, ways that our brain can be tricked into thinking we are feeling something.

Touch and Technology: The Cutting Edge of Haptics: Scientists have made haptic feedback that can trick us into thinking that we are touching a sharp object when really it is flat.

4D Movies: Movies that you will be able to see, touch and smell.


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