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This I Believe Essay Analysis

The this I believe essay I read was written by Sofie Tapia. In this essay she discusses her personal encounters with racism and how she overcame the adversity. Sofie believes that she is living within a very racist stereotype just because she is “African American”.  She discusses this using her own personal examples of how she was teased because of her race and how she felt during the teasing.  Sofie is proud of who she is and does not try to change herself to fit in, but to instead break the stereotypes. The conflict she faces in everyday life just helps her strive to do better and she stands tall through the struggle to be independent. The most shocking part of this essay was when a young boy made a racist comment to her. I realize that many kids can make a racist comment without thinking but the most shocking was when the boy tried to apologize by saying “It’s ok, you’re not really black.” This made me fear for the kid if he ever made this type of comment to someone who may not be so forgiving. I have witnessed many of these racial slurs, usually in a joking manner among friends who have known each other for a very long time, and I must admit that I have made some in the past to only my best friends, but after reading this essay I see how ignorant these jokes are and how hurtful they can really be. The moral of this story is to stand tall and don’t let adversity or racism bring you down. Break the stereotypes and become better because of them.


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