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Crap Detection 2 Part Project

The video we watched by Howard Rheingold, a professor at UC Berkley was a very interesting video that was full of useful information. Howard warned us about the use of the internet as there are many dangers when browsing. He talked about what types of dangers we might encounter such as viruses, predators, and simply what websites to go to or not go to. Listening to this man could make the internet a much safer place, not because there would be fewer bad people/things but because more people would know how to avoid or ignore these dangers. The more we use the internet the more we realize how many viruses and ads there are to distract us or to harm us in a certain way. As said on the Crap Detection 101 article on sfgate, the more we use the internet the more we learn to question all of our downloads before we accept. We think to ourselves “Is this a legitimate, trustworthy download?” We have to always be conscious of this as there are so many people who create these harmful features even more who fall for them. The Frontline videos that we watched discussed the good and bad parts of the internet. These videos mainly talked about persuasion; our families, advertisements, friends all try and persuade us to buy things that we might not usually buy, if they do it consciously or not we do not know. Overall i think the internet began as a resource with information to be shared around the world, but now i feel like it is becoming more of a compromised source of information that not only contains false information but brain washes us to accept everything we are told and read.


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